Can I Have A Ketubah If I’m Not Jewish?

When you are entering wedlock and wondering about getting a marriage contract then this may
Orthodox Jewish wedding with chupah in Vienna'...

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 interest you, You may be surprised to learn that you have the option of getting a Ketubah if you want to.
The Traditional Jewish Marriage Contract
Jewish couples will most likely be required to have is a Ketubah in order to marry within the faith. At the beginning of a Jewish wedding the groom sits down with the Rabbi and two Jewish male witnesses and signs the Ketubah, a Jewish marriage contract. At a Jewish wedding the Ketubah is held up for all the wedding guests to see as the Rabbi reads the Ketubah to those gathered there while standing under the Chupah with the couple. Later the Ketubah is given to the couple to always keep in their home. The text of a Jewish Ketubah may vary according to the style of Jewish religion you abide, by but a ketubah must be used when marrying according to Jewish law.
Secular Ketubah
It can happen that the people wanting to marry hold different beliefs -be it Jewish and Christian or Buddhist and Muslim, they sometimes need to compromise on the kind of wedding ceremony they will have. Instead of having a wedding in the tradition of one of the faiths they either blend the wedding traditions and have a bit or both or forgo the religious aspect of the ceremony. In either case the spiritual aspect of the couples joining together needs to be celebrated and remembered in a beautiful and meaningful way. For this reason a Ketubah can be the answer.
By having a Ketubah in their marriage ceremony, a mixed-faith couple, same sex couple, secular couple or Gentile partners don’t have to miss out on the spiritual aspect of the ceremony, as a Ketubah can be used outside of the Jewish context. In this case a Ketubah is a matter of choice and not a religious or civil obligation. What is written in the Ketubah is versatile so it becomes a record of their marriage vows presented in calligraphy and designed by a professional Ketubah artist who illustrates the text with artwork worthy of being put on display in the family home.

When a Ketubah is used for a egalitarian marriage, secular marriage, gay wedding or civil union the text of the Ketubah need not resemble the original traditional Jewish Ketubah at all. Together with the Ketubah artist or calligrapher the couple can decide on text which relates directly to their circumstances. The Ketubah painting is then designed to complement the unique Ketubah words.

So you now know that whether you are Jewish or gentile you can still have a Ketubah which displays the love you and your partner share!


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