MB Project

Respect Freelancers

Project Manager: Petal Mashraki

Project: MB Project

Amount of Articles:

At the moment we have 50 titles worth approximately 80,000 words, but there is potential for $5000 of work here.Time frame:As much as possible as soon as possible -the entire $5000 project should be complete within 2-3 months maximum. The trick is to get a gang on this so we, as a team, can prove to this client, and others, that with good specifications and instructions we can turn over a huge amount of content quickly.Info:

  • The project is to write a multitude of city travel guides for a soon to be launched social media site based around travel.

  • At no time can any member of the team contact the client directly, publish the work we collaborate on anywhere on the Net or in print. If the MB project DOC shared with you, it comes with the TRUST of the entire team. Posting this content before the client does, will render it useless to them, and cause us all to go unpaid. The client will check CopyScape before sending payment, so you will likely be found out if you cheat our client and our team. Please don’t 🙂

  • In any given article include the “must-sees” and some more interesting and unique sites. The sites included need to be things to see or visit not things to do. So don’t include restaurants, hotels,  activities although you could mention them in passing. For example if talking about the Grand Canyon you could mention that you can take a donkey ride down but don’t make that your focus or item title. Keep the sites within the cities. Later we may add attractions near the cities, like Pompeii when writing about Rome.

If you are interested in contributing, go to the “join us” page, and send us your contact info, and we’ll give you your first project. Come back here to fill out the form (below) in order to get paid for your literary masterpiece. 🙂


One response to “MB Project

  1. I think upfront pay should be $0.03 per word like Billy’s project. I am sorry that it is no where near that much on this one. However, rest assured that we are doing everything possible to make it up to ourselves on the back end. It is our goal that the upfront payment is just that, a deposit, or as Mike Quoc would call it, an “activity bonus.” There will be more money to follow, for this same work.

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