Site Review:

What sets apart from other hotel booking sites is that their hotels are all boutique or luxury hotels. provides you with:

  • gives reliable customer service for booking only the best hotels.
  • Standard rates for extraordinary vacation accommodation.
  • The membership program gives you perks when booking and email updates on members only deals.
  • has in-depth info about each hotel. does not service hotels which do not meet their tough standards. suits travelers who are apprehensive about trying just any hotel and want a guarantee that the hotel will be of a good level.Remarkably the prices on are not astronomical.
As Alice A said:“Great site with all the best and quirkiest hotels. I’ve never gone wrong with a selection from Splendia!”

Features of site:

  • handles bookings for 5000 hotels in 130 nations..
  • Easy to follow instructions for booking.
  • You can always be sure of getting a good hotel experience.
  • 24 multi-language customer services.
  • You can read recent hotel guest reviews for each vacation accommodation. loyalty club, called “The Club” offers member’s benefits, upgrades, access to hotel deals that are not available to all travelers and discounts. As a member of The Club you will receive a personalized newsletter. recognizes that some members travel more than others and so there are four levels of Club membership, each with a different level of benefits starting from membership before your first booking when you will already get notified of special deals. Depending on your level of membership you will also receive complementary extras like free WiFi and late check-out. If you invite friends to join Splendia you can also earn gift vouchers.

Despite the excellent hotels offers you can find cheaper prices on other sites unless the hotel is one of’s special deals. also does not offer all types of rooms for example in the Old Riga Palace Hotel, Riga Agoda offers an economy room where as Splendia does not. Perhaps Splendia is just more selective about offering only the rooms that meet their standards. Although has glossy shots of the hotel rooms you should look on sites like Trip Advisor for more candid photos.

Complementary toiletries in 5 star hotels

Complementary toiletries in 5 star hotel

Where as most hotel booking sites offer loyalty clubs where you accumulate points gives you the benefits of membership immediately.
Where Splendia really out shines the competition with prices is with their special deals which are displayed on the Splendia home page. With these deals you not only enjoy good prices but the quality that Splendia provides.

Luxury 5 star hotel breakfast

So why use to book your next hotel stay?

  • You can also book quirky off-beat hotels on
  • From personal experience I can say that really pampers it’s Club members.
  • works in collaboration with the hotels making sure you get what you paid for.
  • It is possible to treat a loved one to a hotel stay by buying a gift card.

Splendia could improve on the photos they provide of the hotels, as not all hotel rooms are created equally and some of the grandest hotels can have windowless cupboards they call rooms.

When you use you know you’re going to be staying in a top quality hotel but the room you get is not always the best in the hotel. It is worth comparing rates before booking but if you are looking for luxury is a good place to start.


2 responses to “Site Review:

  1. I can not disagree more with
    Terrible Experience with Splendia & The Library Hotel
    I want to share a terrible experience with Splendia and the Library hotel in Koh Samui.
    I am the victim of Splendia’s Bait and Switch policy and fraudulent business practices. I booked a trip with my wife at the Library hotel in Thailand. There were 2 rooms listed, suite and studio. They state on the site-NR rate and in parenthesis non -refundable, however under their Cancellation policies & Fees.
    Cancellation policies & fees
    Free of charge until 18-Mar-12(14h)
    From 18-Mar-12(14h) to 21-Mar-12(14h): 1st night
    No-show, from 21-Mar-12: 1st night
    Go-show: 100% of the total reservation (applies to ‘early departure’ when guests stay at least 1 night).
    The cancellation policy is applied based on the hotel’s local time (GMT+7).

    When I went to cancel prior to the dates listed and contrary to the stated policies of the web site I was told it was not possible because after I paid I received a confirmation that this was not refundable. This is direct conflict of Splendia’s stated policy on their website FREE OF CHARGE- before one pays.
    It is a complete bait and switch, fraud and deception. I spoke to one of their agents in Spain and she even admitted it was confusing.
    Confusing is not an excuse for deceiving nor bait and switch.I have lodged complaints for fraud with the FTC and the Governors office of Consumer protection of the State of Florida. I strongly suggest avoiding Splendia and the Library hotel for dishonest business practices.

  2. Thank you for this honest review.

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