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With the growing awareness of our delicate environment many eco-conscious people are looking for ways to keep our planet green. With this in mind eco-friendly kitchen utensils have been developed, either from bio-degradable plastic, bamboo or recycled materials. TruFlavorware tableware is not only eco-friendly but healthier than regular silverware and will improve your quality of life.

Utensils, tableware, flatware, cutlery and silverware all refer to the same thing – knives, forks and spoons! TruFlavorWare comes in cream and black and can be ordered as individual utensils or as a set of knife, fork and spoon, there is also a chef’s tasting spoon.

A few facts about TruFlavorWare:

  • TruFlavorWare will not deplete the planet of any raw materials as it is made of sustainable materials.
  • Just think each time you put a metal spoon in your mouth metal trace elements are passed on to your food and into your system. Your food has none of that metallic flavor when you use TruFlavorWare and neither will it give you any toxins.
  • As a bio-degradable product TruFlavorWare won’t end up as land fill.
  • TruFlavorWare flatware is long-lasting, not disposable as other bamboo utensils can be, they are reasonably priced and so the investment is justified by the years of satisfaction you will get from them. The TruFlavorWare products have a lifetime warranty.
  • TruFlavorWare has a similar weight and feel to metal flatware.
  • TruFlavorWare is perfectly designed for people with Dyspepsia (those hypersensitive to tastes especially metallic taste). Don Ladanyi invented the tableware with chemotherapy patients in mind. When undergoing the chemo patients often develop Dyspepsia – a sensitivity to the taste of metal in their mouths.
  • TruFlavorWare is an American product.

TruFlavorWare embraces the concept of farm to table so that organic food will reach your body as it was intended without toxins from metal utensils.
TruFlavorWare offers us an opportunity to do something for our environment, as well as ourselves with this reusable, durable and practical flatware. This is another small change in your lifestyle which could eventually effect the environment in a big way.

For more information about truFlavorWare and to purchase this product go to


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  1. TruFlavorWare really rocks!

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