Site Review: is an online travel agent providing all the services that a high street travel agent would supply including car rental, flights, hotels, tours and travel deals. There are several reasons why you might choose to use Vayama to make your travel plan:

  • Numerous travel tools and travel information making it a one-stop travel booking site.
  • When searching for flights you will be shown other transport options as well as air.
  • Become an affiliate and place links on your site to make commission.
  • Low cost transport .

Who should use
Although Vayama does offer low-cost flights travelers need to weigh the price against the bad reputation of the site, you will in all likelihood find low prices and if nothing goes wrong all should go smoothly however if you need service you may be disappointed. will be a positive booking experience for those with definite travel plans and those willing to take alternate routes in order to get the cheapest prices but if things go wrong you may regret choosing this site.

Beware when examining flight search results that trains may be listed in amongst your flight schedule, only when you place the mouse over “city unknown” will “train station” appear. With search results for Philadelphia, USA to Barcelona, Spain where the first part of the trip is shown as “city unknown” it is actually a train from Philadelphia to Newark airport.

How does Work works very simply, from their home page you choose flights, vacation accommodation, car rental or special deals, type in your request and search results are shown. There are also “Travel Extras” for other travel plans.

What are Travel Extras
If you don’t use Vayama for anything else take look at their Travel Extras even airport parking, passport and visa advise and tours you will take once you reach your destination are catered for on

With lots of peripheral information about travel destinations the site loses the focus on the basic function of booking travel and servicing customers. Their time and effort may have been put to better use in offering more travel options and better customer service.

What travelers say about the Vayama experience
Not only are phone reservations usually part of a service of this kind but $35 is charged for bookings made by phone this seems rather steep a price to pay. Client feedback shows that when things go wrong with a booking and you need instant help it just is too hard to find and ends up being expensive and frustrating.

Although the graphics of the landing page are straight forward I see little use in the enormous interactive map, I won’t be flying the plane myself! However on my last visit to the site the map was no longer there but other parts of the page were not displayed and I didn’t manage to type in my fly dates. In short a frustrating experience.

Booking air travel on Vayama can save you quite a bit on flights but you have to check whether the route option is all by air and doesn’t include trains or buses.
Vayama Tours
The tours that offers are from a partner –, Viator is an excellent tour company but why not book on their home site? The same goes for hotel bookings which are made through

The reasons to choose Vayama include:

  • is a one-stop online travel agent providing all the services you will need to finalize your travel plans.
  • If you are willing to use alternate routes and other forms of transport, offers the lowest flight prices.
  • On numerous attempts to search travel dates and destinations I found that the search was simply not carried out and I was returned to the home page.
  • Customer services on a personal level are insufficient.
  • Travel alerts are also provided on the site. 

Although covering all travel forms of transport one must take into account that the site has not received favorable customer reviews so although you may get some benefit from surfing through Vayama’s Travel Extras, booking with them is another story. I have to say on a positive note that in the last year they have made several significant improvements to the site and it is always worth comparing with several sites before you book.


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