Site in partnership with provides booking services for hotels, cruises, car rental and flights in Alaska.
Reasons to choose include:

  • No site fees and extra hidden costs.
  • A loyalty program.
  • Advise and tips for planning your trip to Alaska.
  • Business trips can be planned more economically using their Easybiz plan.
  • specializes in destinations in the West Pacific.
  • Low cost flights in the USA, Canada and Mexico.
  • You won’t have to pay extra for baggage.

Alaska Air works with Horizon Air to service North America. Alaska Airlines also flies to the larger cities in Alaska. The majority of Alaska Air’s flights are to the west coast. For those traveling to places like Adak Island, Kotzebue and smaller cities in Mexico, Alaska Airlines offers a transport solution which only smaller airlines provide. also offers:

  • is in English and French.
  • Flight prices within Alaska can be found at competitive prices on
  • Alaska Air flies regularly and frequently within the state of Alaska.
  • Problems can be worked out with the company representatives by live chat.
  • On you can select the lowest cost flights by using a low fare calendar.
  • can be accessed straight from the site.

Who would benifit most from using
Travelers going to or from Alaska would most benefit from using Alaska Airlines reaches 12 cities in Alaska where as the larger airlines connecting Alaska to the lower 48 states serve only Anchorage and occasionally Fairbanks .Also those living in the outlying areas of Alaska will find this site a valuable tool.

Business travelers can join the Easybiz program which affords members special deals, a travel tracking service and more flexibility with cancellations and ticket changes.
If you are not traveling to one of the smaller destinations within Alaska then look elsewhere and compare but for the more remote Alaskan destinations check out

Other Air Carriers Serving Alaska
American Airlines, Continental, Delta, Northwest and United Airlines also serve Anchorage and Fairbanks connecting them with the lower 48 states but they don’t service smaller more remote destinations in Alaska.
Flights within Alaska
For some areas of Alaska air transport is the only option. Alaska Airlines flies these routes along with smaller airlines such as ERA Aviation, Frontier Flier and PenAir. Some travelers may feel more confident using Alaska Airlines rather than these smaller airlines.
Where else does Alaska Air fly
Hawaiian Airlines also services the Pacific area and a customer comparing the two airlines said:
Paul Roos: Both airlines are attentive to needs, but Hawaiian has the edge with unsolicited water, drinks, etc. Cost wise, Alaska charges about $300 less than Hawaiian.
The Alaska Airlines airplanes generally don’t get good reviews on the net:
One review said: Alaska air provided a filthy interior and unacceptable food quality…

Air Fare Comparisons
When comparing airfares of flights which connect Alaska to the lower 48 states is often the lowest or average price, for example on a flight from Anchorage to Seattle the Delta Air price is $720, Continental $739 and Alaska Airlines $775.

One Stop Travel Booking for Alaska and Beyond
Due to Alaska Airlines partnership with you can book car rental and hotel rooms anywhere in the world from the Alaska Airlines website. Although this is convenient, once you have started these travel plans you are then a customer of and need to use the customer service. For cruise booking on you will be dealing with, so why do this through Alaska Airlines?

In my opinion the Alaska Airlines website is best used for booking Alaska Airlines flights and travel within Alaska, and for services handled by partners why not just go directly to the partner’s ( or websites. Travel Tools and Easy Site Navigation
The Alaska Airlines website is easy to navigate and offers all the information you might need from booking to boarding. Travelers will find the booking experience on Alaska Airlines website a smooth and simple experience.

Travelers heading for Alaska should use the expert knowledge of the area that Alaska Airlines provides and the extensive number of their regional destinations throughout Alaska even to the smaller Islands (St. George Island for example).
For those flying in the Northwest of America this site is a good online travel booking service; numerous local flights; air flights to smaller destination in Alaska and reasonable rates but not always the cheapest so it’s well worth checking with other flight companies.


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