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clock from 60'sRetro products of high quality are not easy to find but on you can view the items they sell which cover a wide range of retro categories: furniture, party favors, radios, linen, wall decor, greeting cards etc. is a one-stop shop for all things retro and has an excellent reputation for customer service. is the perfect source for those wishing to decorate a room in the retro style. You can also pick up unusual retro gifts on the Retroplanet website. Some of the retro items are also functional like the radios and stereos. Just to whet your appetite Retroplanet pieces include unique home decor, retro party fun and, retro furniture.

The retro items are shown in a number of photographs and the dimensions and specifics are listed. Retroplanet has a page of design suggestions with before and after photos of homes clients have decorated using items bought on Retroplanet.
For people who find the words vintage, retro or memorabilia confusing the site makes it even more confusing by using the nomenclature interchangeably. For “Vintage Posters” it talks about “reproductions”, and with “Retro Phones” you will read “Vintage Payphones”. The good thing about the retro items not being originals is that you are buying new pieces, so the items will be clean (if you are purchasing cups or flatware that it important), unscathed or broken and in working order.

Retro themed eventsretro planet 2013-12-22_0402
Satisfied customers have left testimonials about successful retro fund-raisers, parties and themed functions which have been made complete with the retroplanet accessories.

Also on
You can also create a Retroplanet wish list which can be kept private or you can make it available to friends and family.

The site blog
The Retroplanet blog has an active forum and can give you lots of ideas of how to use the retro items.

Comparing to other retro websites’s prices compare favorably with their leading competitor

  • There is a sale and clearance section where you can get bargains .
  • Photos of the retro items give you views from several angles and a detailed description insures that you know what you are getting.
  • For those buying retro for the first time the site can be confusing, a glossary of terms would have been helpful.
  • Perhaps Retroplanet should have extended their deal of free shipping for purchases over $79 to the rest of the world as well as the US, or come up with some other way of making overseas shipping less costly.

If you are looking for retro items online you can buy from Retroplanet and be confident that you are receiving top quality both in the product and customer services.


5 responses to “Site Review:

  1. unfortunately cannot agree with you, the service is slow and not care after 18 days still waiting for my order, Where is the fast delivery ?
    Awful Service and Fraud. 
Order: 1503376
I bought the item on 3th November, after read the reviews on the site, I’m confident my item should be arrived on 10 or 15 days. 
Then used standard delivery USD 37 (NO cheap) and on the notes area write: Please be ensuring the item must be arriving on or before 21th November. (18 days) plenty time… 
on 11November That same day American Express inform my card has been hacked, from the area US – California. 
There is 18 days order and still not receive,After that, my experience is never ever trust on customer reviews of the page where you get the item; they only put the good ones. Blog, forums or pages as complaintBoards are the real experiences of customers.

  2. I’m sorry you had a bad experience Alex, and thank you for sharing. We are happy to provide you with a place to talk about your real experience. RetroPlanet is not a sponsor of ours, and even if they were, we are dedicated to fairness and accuracy, so we are glad to hear about real life experiences behind the sites that we review… If the people at wanted to “keep it real” as they say, they should comment next. They could explain what happened, how often that sort of thing happens, and what they did to rectify it.

  3. Thank you Kevin for your answer, there is a shame because they have a nice web site and great products, but I think is a some issues to International customers, my order arrived yesterday after 20 days and without gift wrapped as request when made the check out,
    Retroplanet told me international orders must be ask to International Checkout for any issues, that mean they no take responsibility, International Checkout apologies for delay on my order and they told me any gift wrapped as been deleted after checkout for international customers, I think RetroPlanet must be inform all this things to international customers, 1) Retro Planet no take responsibility for orders even if you make through their web site and not gift wrapped include even if appear on the check out.. However the item is nice and as describe on their web site.. Cheers 😉 – London United kingdom

  4. Great news Alex! I’m glad you received your retro item! What exactly did you buy? A lava lamp I bet! LOL! I think I’ll check out the site again, and see if they want us to write some copy to update their policy for International orders. I appreciate that you took the time to follow up, and announce that you did in fact receive your order, even if it was not gift wrapped. Peace! -Kevin

    • Thank you Kev. the people of RetroPlanet and International Checkout contact me last Friday and all sorted out, nothing more to complaint.. they take action like a serious company.. really happy now.. Regards Alex

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