Richard Wassem

Richard Wassem talks about his passion for writing

My love for writing dates back to my High School days at Garaway High School in Sugarcreek, Ohio. It was then that I learned that I could use my gift of writing to entertain people. My English teacher, Mr. Jeff Pratt, encouraged me to explore writing and gave me great latitude with what I produced for the school newspaper. After graduating in 1981, I was easily caught up in the day to day struggles of life and accepted that my dreams of becoming a writer were just that… dreams. It wasn’t until 2007 that I found myself yearning to do more with my life than just continually pursue a paycheck. It was at that time that I began attending classes at Kent State University at the Tuscarawas branch. During those classes my love for writing reemerged and the game was on. My personal experiences in a diverse range of occupations, as well as the formal education I am working on, give me a unique perspective from which to write. My desire is to capitalize on that uniqueness.

Hunter S. Thompson said that what the writer produces is the legacy that they leave for all to see. I suppose it is that longing to create that drives me just as it did Hunter and many others like him. If I can find a way to do that, and make a living at it, I will consider my time well spent
Here are some topics that I cover:

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