Online Relationships: Can there be love without a physical relationship?

By Sally Collins

For Bangari Celibacy Content

Sometimes sex just gets in the way of really getting to know a person.  Some would argue that you can’t be in love with someone you have never seen face to face. Some might also argue that you cannot love someone that you haven’t had an intimate relationship with, because it supposedly takes touch to promote a loving relationship.  Let’s explore online relationships.  We don’t see the person face to face, we see them in email and we might see them via web-cam and talk to them in chat, but you don’t have a one-on-one relationship in person. Yet, it is very possible that you can grow to love that person you have an online relationship with.

Some would argue that an online relationship is just a fantasy relationship, and it can’t possibly evolve into a loving relationship. Those who have experienced love online with a person they never met in person would argue that it is indeed possible and very likely that love would develop. Why? Love can evolve in an online relationship because emotions get involved. You get to know a person over time through their words. When a person is able to communicate via the written word, that person can paint a picture in your mind’s eye. You can literally build a meaningful relationship with a friend online.

Oftentimes, people who first meet online and get to know each other online, love each other long before they actual meet for the first time in person.  They get to know the person for who they are on the inside and through their words. They get to know the spirit of a person and are able to connect with a person’s soul through listening and talking to them on the Internet.  When you take the time to know each other, really know each other, you are less likely to suffer from a broken heart.  All too often, people meet in person and don’t get to know each other. They jump into bed by the second or third date, and sometime down the line the magic has goes out of the relationship. They failed to realize they just knew each other on the surface and sex either held them together or became their undoing.

Is sex before marriage necessary for a meaningful and lasting relationship?

Of course not. Oftentimes, sex is the only thing holding people together.  Sex is often misused in a relationship. For me, sex is something that is shared between two people who live within a covenant of marriage. Sex is a gift that married people give to each other. It’s almost a spiritual gift of love between the two people.

We take vows when we get married, but oftentimes we break those vows? Why? We don’t intend to break those vows, but we make promises we can’t keep.  Oftentimes, this is because sex was entered into lightly, and the people didn’t get to really know the very essence of each other. Sex got in the way. Sex became the feel-good fix-all for every situation. Sex isn’t a band-aid to be used to keep a relationship together.

The word “sex” is often replaced with the word “making love.” Making love with a person is a beautiful thing, but it can get old if the people engaging in love-making do it for instant gratification only and don’t accept it as a gift of love.  This is why people who remain chaste or celibate in a relationship can truly get to know and love each other on a deeper level unlike people who meet and immediately jump into a sexual relationship.

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7 responses to “Online Relationships: Can there be love without a physical relationship?

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  3. A hear truly in love never losses hope, but always believe in the promise of love know matter how long the time and how far the distanc, a person in love can sacrifice.

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    • Thank you. I would enjoy that discussion. Just write your thoughts in comments. When I see it in my comments to approve I will turn it into an article linked to this one. Don’t be afraid to make the word count up to 1000 words. again, thank you. I’ve been wanting to get this discussion going for a while.

  5. this makes me feel better

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