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Here is a list of content that you can purchase now. If you buy this content to be placed on your Web property, we will redirect the traffic that already comes to it to your site. Of course, we can also rewrite this content, or cover different topics in the same category.

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Local Pet Services

This is excellent content for Websites belonging to groomers, veterinarians, pet store owners and more. Maybe you are an animal lover, have a Website that promotes the causes of our furry friends, and want to draw some revenue. We can make and monetize the kind of content that will earn your non-profit some money to be put toward animal charities.

Travel Content

There is good advertising and affiliate revenue to be made by Websites devoted to travel. There are plenty of excellent Travel Templates available at Template Monster.

Template Monster 2013-08-26_1707

Stuff your new site with plenty of original, engaging content that we will help you optimize, and you will be on your way! Turn your own love of traveling, into a cyber business. It isn’t hard at all.

Tattoo Shop Content

I have tattoos that are older than most people who are getting tattoos. I started a trend! I’m a fan of both skin art and tattoo artists. If you have a shop of your own, or maybe you are about to go into business, you know that you need a Website. Don’t make the mistake that many small shops make. Too many small businesses use their Website as nothing more than a ‘business card.’ Out-do your local competition by putting some resources into a dynamic Web presence. You have a unique opportunity to keep your site active and growing. This is fueled with content.


Are you a Rabbi? Are you a Ketuba artist? We think outside the content creation box here at Bangari. We can repurpose content in amazing ways, enabling you to get something completely original for your Domain, at an extra affordable price. See, an article about ‘what can go wrong with a Hebrew tattoo’ is good resource content for a tattoo artist’s Website as well as a traffic grabber for a Web property belonging to a Rabbi…who knows: Tattoos are taboo for Jews. 


This is a very popular ‘long tail’ topic, here at Bangari. We have some writers working on gathering  a huge consensus regarding religious restrictions on sexuality. When it develops to the right point, we are planning to collaborate on Wikipedia articles on the topic. This is a pet project for us here at Bangari, and we would like others to join us. We invite you to collaborate, and will show you how that collaboration can earn you some content for your own Website or ebook on this, or related topics. Click here if you want to join us:

Wanted: Celibacy Writers 


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