How to Purchase Bangari Content

If you are a micro-business, like a hobby farm, CSA or some other type of artisan, a little money spent on as much as just one piece of content, properly posted, linked and shared, can make a big difference in getting your small operation its crucial ‘Web Presence

Here is an example of what as little as $75 will buy you:

Joe and Carolyn Hillman: Massachusetts Goat Cheese Farmers

Bangari Interview: Woodworker and Chef Felisha Wild

If your company is larger, to huge…or you contract for one, here is some more advanced information:

Our method is simple, but we don’t sell content the run-of-the-mill way…

Our content and promotion methods will stand the test of time, and won’t be obliterated by Google algorithm changes months before you have seen a return on your investment.

We don’t write for grammar-school, artificially intelligent robots. We write for sentient, logical people. The robots are getting smarter and smarter, and they won’t be deceived. They will deliver up to the people, exactly what they are searching for. We will make sure they find that info and those products and services prominently located on your domain.

We write our content for people. We structure it in a way that robots understand it well. They are getting better at understanding what the searcher is looking for. We facilitate that by using structured text to describe elements of your content, according to markup standards. This has the added benefit of creating information-packed SERPs that a searcher will instantly recognize as relevant to their query.

This behind the scenes coding helps search engines understand the information on web pages. This allows them to return richer search results, which enables users to find more relevant information, more quickly. Another advantage to this markup is that it also enables new tools and applications that make use of this structure, placed in the content that you purchase from us.

We sell our content in a way that our producers get paid a living wage for their talent and effort. The Web Property Developer gets high quality original content that pays for itself –and more…

Here is what we do. This is what you get:

1) We compare your topic and keywords to your competition’s SEO efforts and placement, with the help of our associates, the pros at

2) We produce content that is NOT cookie-cutter, dry, keyword-stuffed garbage that may have worked for a short time before Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm changes called for something better –but doesn’t fly now. Our content will be produced with the coming, Semantic Web…Web 3.0, in mind.

3) When we finish a piece, under most conditions, we post it here at Bangari.

4) We ask you not to freak out! Don’t worry, we will sell you nothing but original, CopyScape-proven, content. We will peel off and hand over a spun and improved piece, truncate and spin the prototype, then link it to your domain, from ours, with a ‘read more.’

5) We’ll draw legitimate and valuable links to your content by commenting on appropriate Web Properties.

6) Your content will be submitted, with excerpts, to various Social Networks.

7) We will initiate and inspire discussions under your content, on your site.

We can make a contract with you to perform any or all of the processes mentioned in those seven items. In most cases, with most Web property development, we recommend that you order all seven for at least some of the content that you purchase.

If you find content already living on our site, that will serve your purposes, we can edit, spin and repurpose that content. We will customize it to your specifications, then follow through with the items described above.

If you are satisfied with the amount and the quality of the content you currently have posted  –ask us about:

  • Optimizing your content.
  • Adding ‘structured text’ for eye-catching SERPs
  • Monetizing your pages and posts.
  • Redesigning your site.
  • Proof reading and editing your content.
  • Making improvements after an Alexa audit.

Fill out an easy form to describe the content you need produced…

Click here for: Content Inquiry Form

If you have a general question, that will provide valuable information to other searchers…

Just leave a comment below and we’ll answer!


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